Trailer – “Wako”, Ugandan feature film directed by Zziwa Aaron Alone

Julian CleophasJanuary 4, 20162min60

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“Wako” is a feature length film from award winning director Zziwa Aaron Alone set in the slums of Kampala, Uganda. Director Zziwa Aaron Alone co-directed  “The Superstition” with Paresh Gondaliya which went on to win a number of international awards. Wako tells the life story of a young hustler \ going through the criminal underworld to save the life of his cervical cancer-stricken sister. See the official trailer below…

Country: Kampala, Uganda (2015)
Written and Directed by: Zziwa Aaron Alone
Screenplay: Zziwa Aaron Alone
Film Cast: Jayant Maru, Robert Ernest Bbumba, Masaba Rogers, Nirmal singh, Natuhwera Brighton, Echakara Geofrey, Wilson Egessa Okwenje, Bwanika felix
Produced by: Zziwa Aaron Alone and Natuhwera Brighton
Website: WAKO Facebook

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