Trailer – Ugandan film of the year “House Arrest”, directed by Joseph Ken Ssebagala

[ 1 ] December 10, 2015 |


A woman marries an abusive, violent man, who cheats on her with a woman he introduces to his wife as a sister-in-law. The wife, Alice, gets frustrated and in one of his violent attacks on her, she kills him in self-defence. She is acquitted of the case. Her co-wife, Viola, bewitches her, unleashing charms that make Alice unable to leave her house. Worse still, her husband’s ghost returns to haunt her from within, seeking revenge. Unable to go outside, haunted from inside, the movie tells the events of Alice’s struggle to get her life back.

Genre: Drama Thriller
Director: Joseph Ken Ssebagala
Written by: Joseph Ken Ssebagala
Produced by: Joseph Ken Ssebagala
Production Company: Zenken Films

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Category: Home, Trailers

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