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Thiru NMarch 23, 20146min62

WIN WIN WIN!!! We are giving away 2 x movie tickets to the screening of Four Corners + an original fully autographed poster.

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This weekend was really treacherous for me. I’ve been finding it difficult to write an unflattering article about Four Corners – South Africa’s official submission for the 2014 Oscar Foreign Feature Film, from Cape Town, purely because of the effort, authenticity, and dedication that went into this GIANT film.

If you want to see something different – go and see Four Corners releasing on 28 March 2014. Here is why…

The suspense action thriller speaks a universal story. Written for both young, and mature audiences of all cultural backgrounds, Four Corners was beautifully shot with great action sequences and a sense of deeper consciousness. It is not about laughter and slapstick comedy, its message resonates with the inner vigilante, so be prepared.

We sometimes hear about Cape Town’s underworld in the news, a drug bust now and then… Four Corners allows you a 1hr54min pass into an authentic subculture, a culture that many people don’t actually know exist right here in our everyday Cape Town society. It’s time for South Africans to meet the underdog, a group of people that are not usually represented on film.

According to Ian Gabriel, director of Four Corners, the epic gangster flick had +/-60 talking parts and was produced on a budget of R10 mil. The full movie is made up of four stories, seamlessly tied together. The main theme is about family, self-righteously seeking vengeance for their misfortunes.

Authentic. Real. True to reality.

In this movie, there’s a particular gang leader who gets out his matt black Jaguar wearing a long leather trench. This scene led some audience to giggle of disbelief. However, this gangster exists not only in the Cape Town South Africa but also in Brooklyn New York, in Brazil, in Nigeria, Amsterdam, and Russia… Basically wherever a gang exists the man in the black leather trench coat is there, guiding young men down the only path he knows.

It’s about more than Numbers – it’s about Territory.

Four corners is about a 28-gang member (Brendan Daniels) determined to take his own back. It’s about a 26-gang member (Irshaad Ally) who doesn’t follow the rules. It’s about an unsuspecting child serial killer possessed by whatever serial killers are possessed by. It’s about a cop (Abduragman Adams) who values his community. It’s about a child prodigy chess player (Jezzriel Skei) who can easily make a living from the sport. It’s about reclaiming ones place in society… I know I said it’s about four stories in one, but really it’s a plethora.

I’m finding this interesting – Four Corners and iNumber Number share a similar cast and both films are about the underworld, one from Johannesburg and the other from Cape Town. And they are being released 1 month apart of each other. South Africa, we are in for a treat! Is there finally a celebrity status emerging in South Africa?

While South Africa is on the cusp of greatness with two epic releases, Four Corners makes you want to jump and shout “Hollywood watch out!”. The Four Corners team is setting a benchmark for emerging passionate filmmakers here is Africa – be part of that!

Behind the scenes with Ian Gabriel

Release date: 28 March 2014
See you at the movies ~ T

Directed by Ian Gabriel
Fully autographed official poster up for grabs…