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Thiru NAugust 20, 20156min80

With the themes of corruption and brutality at its centre, filmmaker Jyoti Mistry’s new film ‘Impunity’ is a profound investigation into contemporary South Africa and the seat of power. In a country where people who commit crime are often seen to be exempt from punishment, or free from the consequences of their actions, the film invites its audience to reflect on the nature of violence.

Watch Trailer Here

In a similar vein to ‘Natural Born Killers’, ‘Impunity’ is a fictional story centred on a young, attractive couple who commit acts of crime and violence, leaving a trail of murders in their wake.

“In a country where violent crime remains disturbingly high, the film invites self-reflection,” says Mistry. “Having screened the film at the Toronto Film Festival in 2014, and earlier this year at the Durban International Film Festival, I’m interested to see how general South African audiences respond to the story and the visual language of the film.”

‘Impunity’ tells the story of a young couple, Derren (Bjorn Steinbach) and Echo (Alex McGregor), who work as waiters. A Special Crimes Unit investigator Dingande Fakude (Desmond Dube) and a local police detective and trained psychologist Naveed Khan (Vaneshran Arumugam), take them in for questioning after a high-profile murder.

IMPUNITY - Alex McGregor and Bjorn Steinbach

The two lawmen find themselves caught up in political corruption and conspiracy when they investigate the gruesome killing of a cabinet minister’s daughter, found in an exclusive African safari resort after a party celebrating her engagement to a rising political star. The film is interspersed with cuts to security-cam and news footage of violence, both criminal and accidental, as well as newspaper headlines highlighting some of the estimated 650 000 violent crimes that take place each year.

It soon becomes clear that Derren and Echo, who were working as waiters at the engagement party, are caught up in a frenzied, bloody adventure. As Dingande and Naveed begin to piece events together, it seems the perpetrators will be brought to book. Instead, however, they are drawn further into the high-profile murder case. Eventually, as they uncover a trail of murders, they are faced with a moral dilemma involving the new political elite.

Mistry’s background as a successful artist and experimental filmmaker is clear in the film’s much-lauded rich visual language, which features picturesque beachfronts and dry bushveld, intercut with harsh realities of life in South Africa. The Toronto Film Festival organisers described “‘Impunity’” as “an eye-opening jolt, casting an unwavering gaze on South Africa’s increasingly troubling surrender to the banality of violence.”

Mistry studied filmmaking and cinema studies at New York University. Her short films include ‘We Remember Differently’ (2005) and ‘I Mike What I Like’ (2006). ‘Impunity’ is her second feature, after the experimental film ‘The Bull on the Roof’ (2010) which was part of a retrospective on transgressive South African Cinema at the Jeu de Paume, Paris (2013). Mistry’s installation work was included in the exhibitions ‘Afropolis: City, Media, Art’ in Cologne, Germany; ‘Space: About a Dream’ at Kunsthalle Vienna, Austria and in the Incheon Women’s Biennale, South Korea (2011). Her short film ‘09:21:25’ was in competition at Kurzfilmtage Winterthur (2011). In 2013, her solo exhibition ‘Narrative, Memory, Site’ was shown at the Museum Bärengasse in Zurich.

An associate professor at the University of the Witwatersrand’s Department of Film and Television, Mistry teaches writing for experimental film and documentary. Her areas of research and writing include cultural policy, questions of identity and multiculturalism. “Gaze Regimes: Film and Feminisms in Africa’ co-edited with Antje Schuhmann (2015) is published by Wits University Press, Johannesburg. Mistry was a participant of the Independent Study Program at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York and scholar in residence at Filmuniversity Babelsberg Konrad Wolf.

‘Impunity’ is produced by Blackboard Trust, Shadowy Meadows Productions and Bioskope Pictures, with additional funding from the Department of Trade and Industry, National Film and Video Foundation, and the Gauteng Film Commission. ‘Impunity’ was made possible through the generous grant from the National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund (principal funder) to Blackboard Trust.

The film opens in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town on 28 August.


Thiru NJuly 2, 20156min70

Ayanda, the new film by award-winning director Sara Blecher and produced by Terry Pheto, Busi Sizani and Robbie Thorpe was awarded a “special mention” by the prestigious Los Angeles Film Festival (LAFF) Jury when the 2015 festival winners were announced, following its screening in the World Fiction Competition.

Ayanda had its world premiere in Los Angeles on 13 June, and debuted to rave reviews. The Examiner said, “The Los Angeles Film Festival’s 2015 mission to find ‘… diverse stories and storytellers … who exhibit true and singular voices’ is fully realized with Ayanda. Shot in South Africa, writer Trish Malone and director Sara Blecher create a vibrant, colorful film about a young woman looking to make her mark in today’s South Africa.”

The film tells the story of a resolute 21-year-old Afro-hipster Ayanda (Fulu Mugovhani), who has a talent for taking neglected pieces of furniture and “bringing them back to love”. Eight years after her father’s death, his prized auto repair garage is in deep debt and in danger of being sold, but Ayanda does everything in her power to hold onto his legacy.

Entertainment blog Indiewire called the film “an important and fascinating piece that is absolutely worth seeing for its representation of a modern African story, which is uniquely, distinctively African, but also urban, fresh, and contemporary in a way that is far too rare. Anchored by a standout performance by the magnetic Fulu Mugovahni, the vibe and milieu of Ayanda is as refreshing as a light summer breeze.”

Culver City Observer named Ayanda a “standout “Must See” in the World Fiction Competition”, and “A beautifully lensed film courtesy of cinematographer Jonathan Kovel…” The review described Trish Malone’s screenplay as a “a nuanced script with strongly detailed characters that come to life through some well oiled, fresh performances,” and said “Fulo Moguvhani is nothing short of luminous in the title role with strong supporting performances.”

The film also stars Nigerian actor OC Ukeje – winner of the 2015 Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Award for Best Actor, Jafta Mamabolo, Nthati Moshesh, Kenneth Nkosi, Sihle Xaba and Vanessa Cooke.  

Both Pheto and Blecher were at LAFF to promote the film, a line-up of 74 feature films from around the globe.

“We could not have wished for a better response from a discerning American audience,” says Blecher. “The film was praised for being distinctively African while exploring universal themes of love, friendship and growth. We cannot wait to share the film with South African moviegoers. As a female team, we are proud to have made such a strong and vibrant film about women in contemporary South Africa.”

Ayanda was produced by Real Eyes Films and Leading Lady Productions, with the support of the National Film and Video Foundation (NFVF), Africa Magic and the South African Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). It will be distributed in South Africa by Helen Kuun of Indigenous Film Distribution.

“The film has an excellent cast and superb production values, as well as a story that is young, fresh and distinctly urban,” says Kuun. “We are excited to bring a creative product of this calibre to the local movie circuit.”

Ayanda will be the opening film at the 36th Durban International Film Festival, taking place from July 16 to 26 this year.

Ayanda releases at cinemas nationally on 02 October 2015.

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Thiru NJuly 1, 20155min20

The NFVF, an agency of the Department of Arts and Culture, hereby invites South African filmmakers to apply for the South Africa-Brazil Co-production Forum to be held at the Durban Film Mart during the Durban International Film Festival which takes place from the 16th until the 26th July 2015.

This initiative is in recognition of the pending signing of the South Africa – Brazil Co-production Treaty. The meeting will take place side by side five (5) Brazilian and five (5) South African producers with specific projects that represent job opportunities between the two countries, enhance the real possibilities of co-productions between them. 

This is the second session hosted by the NFVF and Agencia Nacional do Cinema (ANCINE), having previously collaborated at the Cannes Film Festival in 2014. The first meeting was a general introduction of the Brazilian and South African markets and inform producers about film possibilities in the two countries.

The Producers must be experienced and satisfy the following criteria:

  • Have a registered production company.
  • Have a firm and informed understanding of finance structures and incentives
  • Understanding of legal processes (contracts/co-production agreements)
  • Knowledge of international markets (festivals, markets, sales)
  • Synopsis of the project(s) in mind for a co-production with Brazil.

The closing date for applications is 5th July 2015. Selections will be made according to the above criteria and successful applicants will be notified by 8th July 2015.

To apply for participation at the NFVF-ANCINE Forum email:


Contact Person:

 Naomi Mokhele
Manager: Communications
Tel: +27 11 483 0880
Twitter: @IamNaomiM


Sean Bracegirdle
Communications Coordinator
Tel: +27 11 483 0880


Thiru NJuly 24, 20147min102

Congratulations to:

  • Nyanga Sky (South Africa) – Directed by Matthew Griffiths and produced by Rafeeqah Galant.
  • The Wound (South Africa) – Directed by John Trengove and produced by Elias Ribeiro
  • Home Expulsion (Rwanda) – Directed and produced by Kayambi Musafiri
  • Shattered by Philani Ndaba
  • In search of African Duende: The Uganda Flamenco Project (Uganda) – Directed by Caroline Kamya and produced by Keren Cogan.
  • Hawa Hawaii (Kenya) – Directed by Amirah Tajdin and produced by Wafa Mohamed Tajdin, Bongiwe Selane, Helena Spring and Junaid Ahmed.
  • Alex On Seventh (South Africa) – Directed by Engelbert Phiri and produced by Guy Bragge.
  • The Sound of Masks (South Africa) – Directed by Kofi Zwana and produced by Sara Gouveia.
Check out the pic below

Award details:

  1. The CineMart Award, sponsored by the co-production market of the International Film Festival Rotterdam, has been awarded to Hawa Hawaii (Kenya) – Directed by Amirah Tajdin and produced by Wafa Mohamed Tajdin, Bongiwe Selane, Helena Spring and Junaid Ahmed. This award invites and sponsors this DFM 2014 fiction winning project to attend the Rotterdam Lab, a five-day training and networking event bringing together producers from all over the world.
  2. For the ‘Most Promising Documentary Pitch’ award, sponsored by the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA), has been awarded to The Sound of Masks (South Africa) – Directed by Kofi  Zwana and produced by Sara Gouveia. This award will provide Kofi Zwana and Sara Gouveia with an IDFA and Forum Pass, with a 4-night hotel stay and daily allowance. They will also receive guidance and information on how to make the most of the festival and have meetings set up.
  3. The New Cinema Network award has been awarded to Alex On Seventh (South Africa) – Directed by Engelbert Phiri and produced by Guy Bragge. This award gives Engelbert Phiri and Guy Bragge the opportunity to attend the 9th edition NCN in Rome, taking place on the 19 – 21 October 2014, with the chance to present their work to active companies of the International Film industry.
  4. The award sponsored by Produire au Sud of Festival des 3 Continents (Nantes), a developmental workshop programme aimed to familiarize producers with a variety of important tools and international techniques, has been awarded to Hawa Hawaii (Kenya) – Directed by Amirah Tajdin and produced by Wafa Mohamed Tajdin, Bongiwe Selane, Helena Spring and Junaid Ahmed. This award gives Amirah Tajdin, Wafa Mohamed Tajdin, Bongiwe Selane, Helena Spring and Junaid Ahmed the invaluable opportunity of travel and accommodation to the “Produire au Sud (PAS) workshop”, where they will be given tools, expertise, and new connections especially with European networks through this one week unique training programme.
  5. The Docubox award, an East-African documentary film fund, has been awarded to In search of African Duende: The Uganda Flamenco Project (Uganda) – Directed by Caroline Kamya and produced by Keren Cogan. This Ugandan documentary project will have the support for their non-Kenyan East African Documentary production with $2500 development funds.
  6. Shattered by Philani Ndaba won the Restless Talent Pitch award, which is a one-year representation deal for the project by Restless Talent Management, who provide development services such as image-building and positioning, project packaging, PR, and advises its clients on film sales, distribution and promotion.
  7. Home Expulsion (Rwanda) – Directed and produced by Kayambi Musafiri was awarded with the Organisation Internationale de Francophonie (OIF) award of €5000.
  8. While, The Wound (South Africa) – Directed by John Trengove and produced by Elias Ribeiro have been awarded the ARTE France International Prize of €6000 for their feature film project.
  9. The Videovision Entertainment ‘Best South African Film Project’ prize valued at R75 000, has been awarded to Nyanga Sky (South Africa) – Directed by Matthew Griffiths and produced by Rafeeqah Galant. This award guarantees Nyanga Sky a release once the project is completed and includes marketing and distribution support from Videovision Entertainment.
  10. Afridocs, a new award that was inspired by the Durban FilmMart events, was awarded to Amal (Egypt) by Mohamed Siam. A cash prize value €4000.

Here’s a pic of the award winners… jeez some of these people look exhausted!

If you want to win next year, get these facts down!

2014 Durban Film Mart Award  Winners
2014 Durban Film Mart Award Winners

Thiru NJuly 3, 20141min52
  • NFVF – South Africa
  • Afrinolly -Nigeria
  • Backup Films – France
  • Berentsfilm – Norway
  • Blinker Filmproduktion – Germany
  • Cine-Sud Promotion – France
  • Endorphine Production – Germany
  • M-Appeal – Germany
  • Melia Films – France
  • Prescience Film Finance – UK
  • Rezo Films – France
  • Sundance Institute – USA
  • Tribeca Film Institute – USA
  • Voyla Films – Netherlands

Who will be present and what their focus is Documentary or Fiction

Insight to the Durban Film Mart 2014 

Thiru NJuly 3, 20143min42

The top 20 Documentary and Fiction short selection for the 5th Durban Film Mart 2014


  • Afterglow {SOUTH AFRICA} Producer/Director: Amber (Arya) Lalloo (Synopses here)
  • Alex On Seventh {SOUTH AFRICA} Producer: Guy Bragge | Director: Engelbert Phiri (Synopses here)
  • Alison {SOUTH AFRICA} Producer: Amy Nelson | Director: Uga Carlini (Synopses here)
  • Beyond the Barricades {SOUTH AFRICA} Producers: Peter Goldsmid and Joost Verheij | Directors: Peter Goldsmid and Zanele Muholi (Synopses here)
  • Egyptian Jeanne D’arc {EGYPT} Producer: Talal Al-Muhanna | Director: Iman Kamel (Synopses here)
  • Home Expulsion {RWANDA} Producer/Director: Kayambi Musafiri (Synopses here)
  • In Search Of African Duende: The Uganda Flamenco Project {UGANDA} Producer: Keren Cogan | Director: Caroline Kamya (Synopses here)
  • Kula: A Memory In Three Acts {MOZAMBIQUE} Producer/Director: Inadelso Cossa (Synopses here)
  • The Colonel’s Stray Dogs {SOUTH AFRICA} Producer: Steven Markovitz | Director: Khalid Shamis (Synopses here)
  • The Sound Of Masks {SOUTH AFRICA} Directed and Produced by Kofi Zwane and Sara de Gouveia (Synopses here)



  • All Time Idlers {EGYPT} Producer: Hossam Elouan | Director: Khaled Hafez (Synopses here)
  • Cold Stone Jug {SOUTH AFRICA} Producer: Ashleigh Nash | Director: William Collinson (Synopses here)
  • Nyanga Sky {SOUTH AFRICA} Producer: Rafeeqah Galant | Director: Matthew Griffiths (Synopses here)
  • The Boy in the Mask {SOUTH AFRICA} Producer: Jennifer Mostert | Writer & Director: Jan Lampen (Synopses here)
  • The Story of a Kiss {EGYPT} Producer: Wael Sayad El Ahl, Karim Boutros Ghali, Alaa Karkouti | Director: Ahmed Amer (Synopses here)
  • The Train of Salt and Sugar {MOZAMBIQUE} Producers: Pablo Iraola, Pandora Cunha Telles | Director: Licinio de Azevedo (Synopses here)
  • The Wound {SOUTH AFRICA} Producer: Elias Ribeiro | Director: John Trengove (Synopses here)
  • Tree of Crows {SOUTH AFRICA} Producers: Stephen Abbott & Eduan van Jaarsvelt | Director: Stephen Abbott (Synopses here)

Thiru NJuly 3, 20141min41

How Durban Film Mart has grown over the past 4 years:

  • Year 2010 – 200 Participants – Awards 1 – Royal Hotel
  • Year 2011 – 276 Participants – Awards 7 –  Royal Hotel
  • Year 2012 – 329 Participants – Awards 8 – Blue Waters Hotel
  • Year 2013 – 346 Participants – Awards 9 – Blue Waters Hotel
  • Year 2014 – 420 participants – Awards 10 – Tsogo Sun Elangeni Hotel

The major players at the 5th Durban Film Mart

Understanding the Durban Film Mart 2014

Partners of the Durban Film Mart 2014

Thiru NJuly 3, 20141min82

Partners of the Durban Film Mart:

  1. ARTE – France
  2. Hot Docs – Blue Ice Group Canada
  3. CineMart of International Film Festival of Rotterdam (IFFR)
  4. Hubert Bals Fund
  5. IDFA Bertha Fund – Part of the IFFR
  6. International Documentary Festival (IDFA)
  7. International Organisation la Francophonie (IOF)
  8. Produire au Sud
  9. Rome Cinema Network
  10. Docubox
  11. Videovision – The only SA award

Thiru NJuly 3, 20148min92

The Buyers/Financiers that will be present at the 5th Durban Film Mart 2014:

Name DETAILS Country Meeting type
  1. Elizabeth Radshaw
Hot Docs Canada Docs
  1. Rhadi Taylor
Sundance Institute USA Docs
  1. Ikka Vehkalati
YLe Finland Finland Docs
  1. Mark Edwards
ARTE France Docs
  1. Julia Overton
???? Australia Docs / Expert
  1. Meike Martens
Blinker Filmproduktion Germany Docs / Fiction
  1. Melanie
IDFA Bertha Fund Nerthlands Docs / Partner
  1. Katja Lenarcic
M-Appeal Germany Fiction
  1. Cosima Degler
Una Film, Germany Germany Fiction
  1. Denis Vaslin
Voyla Films, France Fiction
  1. Lenouvel, Thierry
Cine-Sud Promotion (south films) France Fiction
  1. Florencia Gil
Rezo Films, France France Fiction
  1. Ingrid Lill Hogtun
Berentsfilm, Norway Norway Fiction
  1. Cosima Degler
Una Film Germany Fiction
  1. Catharina Schreckenberg
Endorphine Production Germany Fiction
  1. Paul Brett
Prescience Film Finance, UK UK Fiction
  1. Philipp Hoffmann ()
Rush Lake Media Germany Fiction / Doc
  1. Bianca Taal
Cinemart/Boost!/HBF Nerthlands Fiction / Partner
  1. Guillaume Mainguet
Nantes/ Produire au Sud France Fiction / Partner
  1. Souad Houssein
IOF France Fiction / Partner
  1. Annalisa Donnarumma
Rome Cinema Network Italy Ficton / Partner
  1. Remi Burah
ARTE France France Ficton / Partner
  1. Neiloe Khunyeli
NFVF South Africa Docs
  1. Thandeka Zwane
NFVF South Africa Fiction
  1. Don Edkins
South Africa Docs