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March 2, 2017 Shane Murphy

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March 1, 2017 Stoffel Jansen

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Julian CleophasMarch 2, 20162min40

“Tip-ex” the gripping drama written, directed and performed by Lauren Hannie will make its official debut at the 6th annual Zabalaza Theatre Festival 11 – 19 March 2016, hosted at the Baxter Theatre, Cape Town. The show by Hannie, tells the story about a woman, Katie Williams, who through music and storytelling allows the audience into her life.


Katie Williams grew up in a very typical coloured community on the Cape Flats. She has always been different from a young age and when she realises she has feelings for the same sex, she confesses this to her family. The information is not taken lightly, to such an extent that a male relative trying to “fix Katie”, decides to rape her. Find all the show details below…



Written & Directed by: Lauren Hannie

Music written by: Maxine Ceasar

Performed by Lauren Hannie, Mellisa Johannisen, Maxine Ceasar

Performance dates:

Monday 14th March @ 8pm

Tuesday 15th March @ 3.30pm

Wednesday 16th March @ 6.30pm

Ticket Price: R30 (ZAR)

Location: Baxter Theatre

The topic of Rape is a huge one in our society, corrective rape being an aligning issue. 

The show is performed with a mixture of English and Afrikaans. 

Bookings can be made via Computicket



Julian CleophasDecember 23, 20153min40

Dans van die Vlamme, The Psychedelic Theatre, Zoom-In, Africa's 1st Film Blog, Senses

“Senses”, offers a unique theatrical experience combining the arts of fire dancing, puppetry and physical theatre. It tells a story about an inventor who is faced with his own frustration. He is experiencing a block and is unable to formulate any of his ideas any more. Only through the inspiration of the powerful element of fire is the inventor able to realize his ideas. With the creativity inspired by assistance of his senses he can create again. He has a wonderful idea, but can it withstand the heat? Check out the official  “Senses” preview below

Written and directed by: Craig Leo.
Choreography: Jackie Manyaapelo.
Associate producer: Shereen Amos.
Performing Cast: Richard Antrobus, Marvin-Lee Beukes and Anton van der Vyver, Claire van der Vyver, Toni Thord-Gray, Lanel van der Kolff.
Sound and lighting: Lodewyk Ludik.

Dans van die Vlamme - Senses3

Date: 28 December 2015
Time:  17h00
Venue: Taalmonument in Paarl (South Africa)

Gates open at 17:00 and you are invited to view the monument and enjoy the scenery from the mountain top. There is a play park for the kids and a flow stall with hula-hoops, poi and other flow toys to play with. Bring a picnic basket or pre-order one from the Volksmond Coffee Shop: 021 863 2800

For more information about this event hosted by “The Psychedelic Theatre”  follow the links below:


Psychedelic Theatre


Thiru NOctober 1, 20153min20

This just in… Huffington Post recently called Faith47, whose work often has a very spiritual and supernal feel, “better than Banksy”. No offence to the journos at Huffington Post or Faith47 but I don’t think they understand art – Banksy is Banksy there’ll be no other Banksy he’s a pioneer like no other, non the less this bold statement may help attract even more attention to her upcoming solo show in New York in November at Jonathan Levine.

Now back to film… South African artist Faith47 and director Dane Dodds have released Landfill Meditation, a collaborative video inspired by Faiths street paste series of broken down cars.

Landfill Meditation doesn’t chronicle the creation of the murals but rather contextualises them, linking Faith47’s abandoned cars to other objects and spaces once loved and desired, then later discarded.

“This project is reflecting on the notion of progress and the waste that it leaves behind,” says Faith47. “This is about integrating the worst parts of ourselves and acknowledging the damage we do to the planet as a whole.”

Landfill Meditation makes for uncomfortable viewing: rather than the usual postcard view of Cape Town or Johannesburg, Dane’s camera lingers on unsettling imagery of rats and rubbish, decomposing birds and derelict, hijacked buildings.

“We cannot separate ourselves clean and perfect from the trash we dump out back,” says the video’s voiceover, adapted from Native American author Gerald Vizenor’s short story collection, Landfill Meditation. “Being clean is a delusion.”


Thiru NJuly 16, 20142min60


Atang Tshikare cannot be easily defined. His work is a combination of many different art mediums of which an aspect eventually culminates into canvas fine art.

He takes part influence from his dad, a prolific South African journalist and artist as well South African born Nikhil Singh, and the great American contemporary artist Jean Michel Basquiat.

Mr Tshikare is the recipient of the Future Found Award 2014 he has also been celebrated as an “Emerging Creative” in 2012 hosted by the Design Indaba.

Atang’s mom lends him some of her business know-how, as he is the founder of his own banner called Zabalazaa. Atang Tshikare’s (love that name) canvas art can be found at WorldArt in Cape Town.

This young artist has his first solo exhibition at the Turbine Hall Art Fair in Newtown Johannesburg from 18 – 20 July 2014. Check out this awesome interview for a more personal insight to this proud and promising South African artist.

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Thiru NJune 19, 20143min20


Gavin Rain reads between the lines of society and, with the use of celebrity/societal icons, manifests a subtle point of view for the onlooker, allowing the imagination to delve into a world within a world. You will get the whole picture and sometimes only the subtext of his mathematical work. Nonetheless, the work of this artist is intricately beautiful and is nearly too expensive for the South African art society/market – each painting sells for a R1000 a centimeter.

This fine artist set out to iconize the freedom fighter Aung San Suu Kyi. Unfortunately, it takes more than a painting to turn an individual into an icon. His work is sincere, and he is always seeking perfection in every piece. Gavin is learned about the history and evolution of man and art, which is apparent in the journey and workmanship of his craft.

Pointillism –  a term born out of ridicule (during the time of the eiffel tower opening) to certain artists but now is a revered technique that involves the eye and mind of the artist to blend divided circular colour spots into a fuller image. This results in a mosaic like treat for the viewer, who can, depending on the artist, get lost in the painting and vivid spots of colour.

One can certainly get lost in the work of Gavin Rain, a Cape Town based artist who was prominent in the 2012 and 2013 Venice Biennale. To view his work visit, WorldArt 54 Church Street near Green Market Square.

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Thiru NMay 1, 20141min110


Kilmany Jo Liversage studied fine art in Bloemfontein South Africa. She is now a Cape Town based fine artist. With massive graffiti influence, she “tags” each one of her canvas works, which holds a significantly higher monetary value than tagging a street wall. One of her graffiti heroine’s is the infamous Faith 47.

Kilmany’s work seems to be most popular in European countries, and is making a predominant impression in France.

The wild side of Liversage manifests in the bold portraits of her sensual and flirtatious subject matter. While her interest for fashion is authentic and beautifully portrayed in her studio work, she is also attracted to engaging with a wider audience through sidewalk/street art.

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Thiru NMay 1, 20141min90

Dion Cupido, a mixed material fine artist, hails from the streets of Michells Plain, Cape Town, where he would graffiti the walls for no return.

He has certainly come a long way; Cupido’s art has captured the attention of prolific American recording artist and actress Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter. This makes complete sense as his work delves into the soul of the female form.

Cupido’s art is layered, deep, and thought provoking. While observing  the South African artist’s work, one could easily be completely submerged into another realm of material existence.

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