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March 5, 2014 |
South Africa’s film crew is well known for it’s with military like discipline. The reason for this, one may argue, is the 90% of the below-the-line production crew are all ex military or have been mentored from an ex soldier who has dedicated the rest of his life to more peaceful but still highly disciplined pursuit.
Besides South Africa’s highly skilled, experienced, and relatively affordable production and postproduction services, the country and the African continent is home to some of the most magnificent locations.


To drop a few names, Africa has hosted internationally acclaimed productions such as:

  • Lord of War – starring Nicholas Cage. Directed by Andrew Nicol. SA Crew – Line producer, Greig Bucklle and SA Production Manager Theresa Ryan.
  • Invictus – starring Matt Damon. Directed by Clint Eastwood. SA Crew – Supervising Producer Genevieve Hofmeyr. Second Assistant Director Dale Butler.
  • Blood Diamond – Starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Directed by Edward Zwick. SA Crew – Supervising Producers – Genevieve Hofmeyr and Phillip Key Second Assistant Director Dale Butler


Above all else producing films in South Africa is attractive to foreign clients for a couple more reasons:

1. The South African Revenue Service SARS

2. Department of Trade and Industry (DTI)

  • This is primarily for Foreign Film, Television Production, and Post-production Incentives. It attracts large budget production that creates sustained employment and enhances South Africa’s international profile.Foreign productions filmed in South Africa with a budget of R12-million (about $1,1-million) or above are entitled to a 20% tax reduction on production expenditure for. If production and post-production takes place in South Africa a 22.5% to 25% reduction granted. However, post-production expenditure must be R1,5-million (about $140 000) or above to qualify. DTI Financial Assistance Guide


For the Locals funding is also available at:

1. The National Film and Video Foundation (NFVF)

  • They encourage development of local content and supports South African owned company’s special emphasis on previously disadvantaged groups. NFVF Funding Schemes

2. IDC Media and Motion Picture Strategic Business Unit


To gain further help and advice one may contact the Following film Commissions:

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