Last Ones Out – South African Feature Film – Trailer, synopsis, cast and details

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Last Ones Out

An African zombie movie like never before.


About the Film

Chosen by the NFVF to represent South Africa at the Cannes Film Festival market in 2015, Last Ones Out is the much-spoken-of feature film of the year starring breakout performer Greg Kriek (Momentum, n Man soos my Pa). Hailed as the first zombie movie made in Africa for Africa, the Last Ones Out team broke all the rules of the game and managed to pull off the unthinkable in this debut feature film by award-winning director Howard James Fyvie.

This art-house zombie drama also features top South African actress Christia Visser (Hollywood in My Huis, Ballade vir n Enkeling) and veteran performer Tshamano Sebe at the top of their game. It’s one not to be missed.


LOGLINE (27 words)

An American man is stranded in the middle of a zombie-infected Africa and must trust the help of three strangers in order to make it out alive.


Short Synopsis 

Last Ones Out is a gripping character-driven road movie following the lives of 4 strangers in the midst of an African zombie crisis. Henry – a cynical American man – is forced to team up with three locals as they attempt to make it across the recently evacuated region of Africa and get to the evacuation point in time. Faced with the external threat of blood-thirsty zombies and the internal challenges of trusting complete strangers, the group must learn to work together fast in order to make it out alive.


Long Synopsis 

Imagine waking up after an operation in a dirty hospital in a foreign country and realizing that you are completely alone. You scream until your voice goes hoarse, only to be rescued eight hours later by a young doctor covered in blood.

For Henry, an American visiting Southern Africa, this is no bad dream. Instead, this is his reality. After waking up alone, he finds himself caught in the middle of an African viral outbreak that has swept across the entire region. Aided by three others – Sunet – the young doctor, Siseko – an older hospital worker – and Vincent his nephew – the party must journey across an empty African region to the central evacuation point in time to make it out alive. However, along the way they discover that they are not alone. Something unnatural is hunting them. Something that will not stop. Something that is no longer human. Forced to work as a team, Henry and Sunet draw closer together as their love relationship gets pushed to the test in this action-packed character-driven story from breakout director Howard James Fyvie. Last Ones Out is a thrilling road-movie through the wild and untamed landscapes of a deadly and infected Africa. The question on everyone’s mind is… will they make it out alive?


No one gets left behind.


75 minutes.


HD 1080 x 1920, WIDESCREEN.




Greg Kriek

Christia Visser

Tshamano Sebe

Vukile Zuma

Zama Mfihlakalo

Jack Hein

Cele Du Plessis

Film Makers:

Writer / Director – Howard James Fyvie

Producer: Greg Kriek, Howard James Fyvie

Director of Photography: Timmy Henny

Composer: Zethu Mashika

Editor: Howard James Fyvie

Colourist: Rob Odendaal

Sound Designer: Hans Raubenheimer

First Assistant Director: Howard James Fyvie

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