Kimathi Mafafo, South African Fine Artist, aspires to global reach!

Thiru NJuly 10, 20152min100

Re-inspiring hope and power in black women… Kimathi Mafafo, South African Fine Artist, aspires to a global touch.

This young and talented artist has recently had a breakthrough in her career, selling paintings with a domino effect. She is the daughter of Rocky Mafafo (artist) and Nonkala Mafafo (community clothing designer). Her father was her mentor, helping lay her foundation when taking young Mafafo along to exhibitions where she would help him name and hang his art, while he taught her the intricacies of balance in strokes and the different mediums of art.

Kim works with oil-based paints on large format canvas, so as to express the grandeur of the Black African Woman. Her work instills a sense of pride and belonging to mother nature.

Her first solo exhibition will be held, during September 2015, at World Art – Cape Town by owner Charl Bezuidenhout. The artist’s theme is “Withdrawal”. It is based on her fascination with greenery and nature, and the desire to escape the urban jungle, to a captivating abode of solitude and serenity.

Watch her interview here

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