GoPro’s New HD Hero 4 Black Edition 4K Camera!

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GoPro, Hero 4 Black Edition, Action Cameras, HDThe unveiling of GoPro’s new Hero 4 Black Edition camera left many, including action camera competitors, marveling by the developments of GoPro’s latest offering!  The pioneers of action cameras, who in 2013 received a Technology and Engineering Emmy Award in the category of ‘Inexpensive Small Rugged HD Camcorders’, were selected for their ground breaking Hero 3 camera technology, which enabled television production professionals to capture amazing perspectives that had never been possible before! Are we really surprised by the award? Well, no!

To start, if you saw GoPro’s Hero 4 Silver Edition camera with built-in LCD at the back, you will probably be a bit disappointed to know that the Black Edition unfortunately does not come with a built-in LCD. However, GoPro’s new Black Edition camera shoots 4K up to 30 frames per second in comparison to other models which shoot 4K video at 15 fps. So what does this mean?Basically, the higher frame rate makes 4K video more usable after shooting, a feature pro Videographers love! Along with the awesome possibilities of 4K, the Black also shoots 1080p HD video at up to 120 frames per second and 12 mega pixel photo’s at 30 frames per second, being the best new feature!

Some of the new developments on GoPro’s black edition include, shooting 2.7K video at speeds up to 50 frames per second, an increase from 30 on the Hero 3+ black edition. The new SuperView feature, captures a taller 4:3 ratio image and brings it down to a 16:9, allowing you to get more in the shot. Along with this GoPro have introduced more modes including 2.7K at 30 fps and 1080P at 80 fps . Just when you thought it could only get better, you were wrong, the only dissapoinment would be that shooting 720P will still be at 120 fps like previous models. But wait there’s more…


To address the low-light issue of prior models, both the Hero 4 Silver and Black have Night Photo and Night Lapse modes. I mean, you must have seen it in the Hero 4 Black promo video! Essentially, this now means that you have manual control over how long the shutter remains open, which is up to 30 seconds for an exposure. Despite how great the image quality is, to be honest, the user interface needed serious attention. The two button navigation system became worse with the evolution of the camera. So GoPro never added  any additional buttons but decided to just remap. So the location of the Wi-Fi button on the side of the camera, now brings up an aware menu for whatever shooting mode in. This now makes changing from video mode, to frame rate or flip to Protune, without having to scroll through thousands of different options.  You’ll be pleased to know that this feature is also available in Photo mode and Multi Shoot mode (including Time-Lapse, Night Lapse and Burst).

The side button just got pimped out! While recording,should something amazing happen, you can just tap the button and a highlight tag is added to that segment of footage. The tag can then be identified on the new version of GoPro’s Studio editing software, which allows you to filter through your highlight tags. So what else got improved? The camera now not only has Wi-Fi but Bluetooth, too. According to GoPro, they have improved the audio system on the Hero4 (both editions) stating that the units have two times the dynamic range compared to previous models. GoPro’s Protune feature gives you high bit rates, RAW-ish video with adjustable parameters for exposure, ISO and colour. This feature is also available in Photo, Time-lapse and Video modes!

For you to make your own decisions check out footage shot with both the Hero 3 + black and 4 black below.

Hero 3+ Black

Hero 4 Black 

To make things easier you will be pleased to find Gopro’s Video Resolution Chart below thanks to Peta Pixel.

GoPro Hero 4 Black Video Resolution Chart

Overall, GoPro destroys any action camera out there in the world. The only dissapointment would have to be that there’s no improvement on battery life. In fact, the new batteries are 1160mAh in comparison to the old ones of 1180mAh. If you thought you could keep your old batteries, forget it, as the new batteries have a different shape. To conclude the new Hero 4 Black edition is estimated at +- R 7 400 Ex VAt and is available at Orms, Cape Union Mart and Visual Impact to name a few.

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