Elements Film Lab Full Day Itinerary – Cape Town 2016

[ 1 ] September 19, 2016 |

Panel Discussions: Stories & Form

Hosted by: Sean Drummond
Speakers: Brent Palmer, Nosipho Dumisa, Meg Rickards and Daryne Joshua

Our panel of experts each come with a unique collection of experiences across multiple formats of filmmaking, web series, documentary, shorts, features, episodical and series – including live performance. This panel discusses telling stories in different formats, exploring how the format influences the story and the craft of developing stories for those formats in particular. They share their experiences in taking these stories and getting them produced for a live viewing audience.

Round Circle Intros

Organisations: Creative Nestlings, Women in Film and Jameson Indie Channel

Organisations, institutes and individuals are given the opportunity to talk about what they offer filmmakers. These 20 minute slots give filmmakers a great opportunity to engage personally with industry figures and make personal connections. By expanding their networks filmmakers will open up new opportunities, ideas and inspiration.

Selling Films Workshop

Hosted by: Sean Drummond
Speakers: Mayenzeke Baza and Pascal Shmitz

AAA Entertainment offers a workshop on the yay’s and nay’s when it comes to selling your film. With vast knowledge on the African and world film markets – AAA Entertainment is able to offer filmmakers an accurate and in-depth account of what it is like to have your film screened within continental Africa and worldwide.

Production War Stories

Hosted by: Sean Drummond
Speakers: Rafiq Samsodien, Uga Carlini and Brigid Olen

Producers gather to talk about how they finance their films and the war stories that comes with getting films made. They will share their different theories, approaches and what really works to finance projects, while they share with participants of finance horror stories and things to not do.

In Conversation with Akin Omotoso

Hosted by: Didintle Ntsie
Speaker: Akin Omotoso

Didi Ntsie concludes the 2016 lab with an intimate conversation with Akin Omotoso. Akin, fresh from successful premier of his latest film “VAYA” at the Toronto International Film Festival dives into his work, production processes and his personal thoughts on the creative journey a filmmaker goes through. Akin brings a wealth of experience and success and it is an honour to host him at Elements Film Lab.


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