Dora’s peace possible Golden Horn winner

[ 0 ] January 29, 2017 |

Dora’s peace
Khabonina Qhubeka, Hlubi Mboya, Ronnie Nyakeya, Danny Keogh,
Meren Reddy and many more.
Directed by
Konstandino Kalarytis
Dora is a sexy prostitute from hillbrow acted by Khabonina. She takes the responsibility to protect a young boy who is hounded by gangsters. At the same time finds her own humanity.
Crime drama
The eight year project has done amazingly recently winning
the Johannesburg film festival The story is relevant
to South African viewers. Far cry from the trending Romcoms we have seeing in local cinemas. Having the backdrop of hillbrow and popular stars in the film. I would give it four peaches out of five. I can’t wait to see it collect a golden horn.

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