Director Donovan Marsh On iNumber Number

[ 3 ] April 17, 2014 |

“Share your experience and journey with us on taking iNumber Number from creation to it’s manifestation on screen…”

“From a writer’s perspective who’s not typically associated with ‘gangsters’ and have not experienced that culture first hand, nor are you ‘black’. We know you took inspiration from Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs and made it your own in terms of a South African action cultural piece… Where you anxious at all, where you nervous about doing it right?”

“You mentioned Israel Makoe is a real life (ex) gangster; he played a big part in the iNumber Number film – What was it like working with him?”

“There are lots of villains in this film, making iNumber Number pretty enticing. I mean we don’t know whether to like the characters or throw stones at them – this moral dilemma is what makes for a really great film. Having the audience question their own morals and integrity is something many South African’s and people in general, from around the world, encounter, please elaborate…”

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