Desperate House Who? See the African shows you should be watching

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As a South African television viewer, we are constantly flooded by shows that are produced either locally or abroad, but how many of these shows are from the greater Africa and actually African? To be honest, I never knew where to start and found myself completely dumbstruck with the task at hand. So I did a Google search and discovered an article on Cable News Network’s (CNN) African Voices showcasing the Top 8 African shows on the continent. I honestly feel that I merely scraped the surface, so if there is any show we should know about to add to this list, please share with us.  To not hold you in suspense any longer take a look at the top 8 African TV or web series listed below, according to CNN.

I of Africa

” I of Africa” by Nigerian born fashion model Aina Fadina, comes a web series celebrating all things African from a global perspective. Aina has already produced two seasons of one-on-one interviews, showing entrepreneurial creatives and is currently in the process of securing partnerships to start shooting season three.

The Pearl of Africa

The Pearl Of Africa by Swedish filmmaker Jonny von Wallström, follows an emotional journey of Cleopatra Kambugu a 27 year old transgender girl in a country where being homosexual has been outlawed by the state. The seven part series shot in Kampala raised important questions with regard to identity, gender and the attitude people have towards homosexuals. Born as a male, the Pearl Of Africa  shows how she openly changes into a woman.

An African City

The new “An African City” web series created by Nicole Amarteifio, focuses on five young glamorous women returning to Accra, Ghana after living years abroad. The shows a mix of adventure, careers and love, along with having to adjust to life in Accra, in stilettos and beautiful clothes.  After a very successful first season, fans have described it as the African version of “Sex and the City”. The producers hope to start shooting season 2 of “An African City” in spring 2015, subject to financing.

The Samaritans

The Samaritans written by Kenyan producer Hussein Kurji, is a hilarious mockumentary based on the development sector. The show follows the daily activities at local field office of fabricated NGO “Aid for Aid”. Kenyan producer Kurji began developing the series thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign, along with additional financing from an NGO. Two episodes are currently available to rent online, as he focuses on developing the first season for international distribution.

The White Folks

‘The White Folks’ written and directed by Mia Cilliers and Lisa Lane Drennan, is a mock-reality web series set in South Africa. It follows the lives of two families from Cape Town, who think their suburban lives are very tough. The shows been associated with being South Africa’s version of “Modern Family”, based on parodies of suburban behaviour and the critical exploration of white culture in the suburbs. Currently two seasons have been released on YouTube, with the team in the process of planning season three.

African Time

African Time by writer Mawuena Akyea, is a web series displaying what it is like for Africans who have migrated to other regions. The idea stemmed when he wanted to explore the experiences of first and second generation Africans living abroad. The show is a mix of stereotypes, disciplines, parenting and more, with a sense of humour nicely intertwined to keep you entertained.

The Nairobians

The Nairobians by Kenyan Director David Tosh Gitonga, known commonly for the award winning “Nairobian Half Life”, the first Kenyan film to be considered for an Academy Award. His new show focuses on stories of struggle and dreams within an African context. Gitonga’s been working with Tanzanian writer, film producer and director Abdu Simba to lock down a strong storyline. The team are in final stages of development before production on season on starts.


Written by Jason Corder and directed by Claire Ash Meadow, “STAY” is a Kenyan TV series that touches on the cultural differences surrounding interracial dating. It revolves around the life of Nubia (played by Mkamzee Mwatela) who, against all odds, must make her relationship work with Shane (played by Jason Corder). But will it? After a successful first season the show returns for season two, check out the official Stay Season 2 trailer



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