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My passion for film started when I was a toddler without knowing my parents encouraged it when they replaced baby sitters with the cinema (best place to keep your child occupied and know where they are at the same time) while they spent their time at the casino. The whole day I spent watching blockbuster films sometimes repeating, I always new the latest movies.
Radio was a coincidence from that I’m from a small town and when my mom passed, I decided to move back home to keep my papa company, and I thought it would be a great advantage for me to focus on shooting my first documentary. The station programme manager for BCR Radio heard about me. He asked me to create a show about films for BCR Radio. I couldn't pass up the opportunity, to produce and host my own show.

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Dora’s peace possible Golden Horn winner

Dora’s peace possible Golden Horn winner

[ 0 ] January 29, 2017 |

Dora’s peace Starring Khabonina Qhubeka, Hlubi Mboya, Ronnie Nyakeya, Danny Keogh, Meren Reddy and many more. Directed by Konstandino Kalarytis Plot Dora is a sexy prostitute from hillbrow acted by Khabonina. She takes the responsibility to protect a young boy who is hounded by gangsters. At the same time finds her own humanity. Genre Crime […]

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