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In December 1994 Alison Botha was abducted by two men who raped, disemboweled and slashed her throat 16 times, ensuring she would never breathe again. However, Alison miraculously survived this horrific ordeal and through will power, refused to give her attackers the pleasure of destroying her life.

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Alison’s story originally by Author Marianne Thamm titled “I have life- Alisons Journey”, was one of the first books of its kind to be published in South Africa, classified a best seller since publication. 2014 marked the 20th anniversary of the horrendous torment Alison endured, which shocked South Africa and changed her life completely. Now 20 years later, her story will be developed into a feature documentary titled “Alison”, directed and produced by Uga Carlini (Towerkop Creations). The producers include Georgia Court (associate producer), Jan Du Plessis (executive producer), Karen Meiring (executive producer), Steve Harris (executive producer), Amy Nelson (development producer) and Jana Erasmus (outreach producer). Currently in production, the documentary will give a visual representation to the traumatic events of December 1994, with the role of young Alison portrayed by Actress Christia Visser. Uga Carlini founder and President of TowerKop Creations, producing company of the film, specialize in female driven heroine stories that inspire and entertain audiences.

Director and Screenwriter Uga Carlini has released a promotional trailer to provide audiences with a sneak peek below

“Alison” is currently in preproduction and will start shooting in April 2015. Production should be completed in May, for a scheduled release in 2016!

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