Adobe Premier Pro video tutorials every editor should know

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While perusing the web, I came across a comprehensive list of Adobe Premier Pro video tutorials for the professional and aspiring editor, compiled by Premium Beat. The tutorials divulge the capturing and importing of footage, to more professional multi-cam editing and warp stabilizing, which essentially is the entire post-production workflow. So check out the tutorials listed below, touted the ‘holy grail’ for any video editor!

The Interface



Importing/Capturing Media



Basic Timeline Editing



Three  and Four Point Editing

‘Three and four point editing’  is an important part of video production, as this relates to how your workflow will look in Premier Pro.

via Creative Cow


 Keyboard Shortcuts

This one thing you definitely want to know, as shortcuts tremendously speed up your edits.

via Videomaker


Adding Effects

via The New Boston


Colour Correction

Colour correction and grading will provide you with the necessary tools to get that professional video look, a feature commonly overlooked by new users.

via Roberto Blake


Multicam Editing

This feature comes in handy if you have recorded footage from a live event or TV show with multiple video clips. By using this feature, you are able to switch between multiple video feeds in real time like on a live production.

via Infinite Skills


Audio Editing

Audio is an integral part of video production, which is why it can completely ruin your work, if sound was not mixed correctly in post. The video below will ensure that you do not make the same mistakes again.

via Medill School


Exporting Video

After completing your edit, you will need to know the export format and with the large amount of options available on Premier, it is not exactly an easy task. To ease your confusion, the tutorial below will show you how to export video from Premier Pro

via Curtis Judd


Using Dynamic Link

This feature allows you to link to other Adobe software like After Effects, which is very useful when you work with motion and graphic design.

via Video2brain


Creating Credits

via BizVidCommunications


Warp Stabilizer

The warp stabilizer effect is an awesome tool, enabling you to quickly smoothen out any shaky footage. This feature can also be used to minimize rolling shutter.

via Karl Miller


Adding Markers

Markers come in handy if you are working in a team, as this allows you to add edit notes or tasks that need to be completed in Premier Pro’s timeline

via HowTechMultimedia


Project Manager

When saving your project, it only includes the project file but no video assets are included. By using the project manager to save your project you are able to copy all video assets used within your project to a new location.




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